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Building Bridges Ltd.

(Import-Export Solutions)

Established in 1997


Last update 06/12/2022

Prices and VAT


As most food products are VAT free, all our prices are quoted without any VAT added (apart from a handful which do attract VAT at the standard rate – if that’s the case we’ll make it clear).  So, what you see is what you’ll pay.


We’re careful to publish accurate prices but mistakes happen to the best of us. 


Its rare, but if we publish a price higher than we meant to, then we’ll automatically refund you the difference.


Likewise, if we publish a price lower than it ought to be, we reserve the right not to fulfil orders at that price.

You can pay in three ways:


If you’d like to pay by card you can do so over the phone.


If you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer just give us a call +44 20 8543 1234 and we’ll set that up with you.


We also offer 30 days credit to Wholesale customers, subject to the usual Creidt Checks of course. In order to qualify for this service, please drop us a note to info@buildingbridgesltd.com or give us a call to discuss setting up an account.


Please note that all goods will remain the property of Building Bridges (Import-Export Solutions) Limited until paid for in full.

Stock Availability

Cancelling orders

We’ve got oodles of stock in our London warehouse, in addition to our third-party storage solutions, however, sometimes a product is in high demand or the manufacturer has production issues.  This means that occasionally we may not have some of the products you order in stock. 


If that’s the case, we’ll immediately let you know when it will become available and deliver it as soon as it comes back in stock (or if you’d rather cancel that part of the order that’s fine, we’ll arrange a refund). 


In the meantime, we’ll fulfil any other items on your order as usual or if you prefer, we can hold onto them and send one delivery when all items are in stock.

If you’ve ordered something by mistake or just had a change of heart, then let us know.


If the goods haven’t been dispatched, we’ll cancel the order and arrange a full refund.


If the goods have been dispatched then we’ll pick them up and refund you minus the cost of picking them up and any opened goods no longer suitable for sale.


Please note that undamaged goods cannot be returned if they’ve been in your possession for more than 72 hours or if we’ve ordered the goods from a supplier especially for you.



We’re very careful when storing, picking and packing your order.


We also work closely with our transportation partners to ensure that everything reaches you in tip-top condition.


On the rare occasion that something does go wrong though, we’ll make it right.


Just email orders@buildingbridgesltd.com, including images of the damaged goods, and labels clearly indicating the batch and BBE as well as the courier name and consignment number, or call us +44 20 8543 1234 within 24 hours of the delivery arriving.


You can notify us after 24 hours, but please note that at this point refunds and replacements are then at our discretion.

Product technical and application advice


We have a team of experts at Building Bridges who love to share product application advice and technical information. 


You’re very welcome to tap into their expertise so please do reach out to us if we can help.


Our team share their thoughts in the best of faith, but Building Bridges accepts no liability for error or omission in the information provided, nor for any consequences which arise out of how this information is used by you.


We do offer a private session at our Showroom located in South Wimbledon, were you can learn more about our products on a one-to-one session with our experts!

Full Terms & Conditions.


To check our full Terms & Conditions please send us an email to info@buildingbridgesltd.com and we will be delighful to assist you further.